segunda-feira, 31 de agosto de 2009

How to Live a Better Life with Less

Have less. If you learn that enjoyment of life isn’t having stuff, you’ll be able to let go of it … and declutter. Having a life with a minimal amount of clutter is so enjoyable, so peaceful, it’s hard to describe. It leaves you feeling free, without the stress that comes with an overwhelming amount of stuff, and leaves room in your life for relaxation. Less of a focus on buying stuff means you also have more money, or less debt, or you need to work less in order to live the life you want. Any of those options are good.

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Daniel Silva (Lobinho) disse...

Despite the need of that metal called money, we should spare ourselves from stress, from that amount of useless things we carry... is there a price for Love, Jorge? A price for peace? A price for hapiness just being?...